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Press Release: ECD BakeWATCH® to Showcase New Cake and Bread Sensor Designs […]

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ECD BakeWATCH® to Showcase New Cake and Bread Sensor Designs, Preview Radically Different Profiling Technology at IBIE 2022

Show Delegates to get a First-hand look at CakeOMETER™ for Cake-Baking Precision, BreadOMETER’s® Enhanced Durability Design and Pre-Launch Version of Reimagined Baking Profiler and Software

August 8, 2022–ECD BakeWATCH® will highlight a suite of new products from booth #5723 at the upcoming International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), held from September 18 to 22 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a broad portfolio of baking tools to accurately establish, measure and verify oven and product thermal parameters, ECD BakeWATCH’s platform approach delivers a scalable solution for baked goods perfection and consistency.

The company’s recently launched CakeOMETER™, a first-of-its-kind cake-baking measurement device, enables accurate temperature sensor placement and stability within cake batter. The unique design allows cake bakeries to generate reliable in-oven temperature data for high-quality, repeatable cake production. IBIE will mark the North American debut of CakeOMETER, enabling event visitors to see the tool and its versatility in person.

Also on show is ECD BakeWATCH’s standard-setting S-Curve-management BreadOMETER® sensor, which measures temperature at five dough depths for maximum baking optimization. The system has recently been redesigned for improved durability and precision: An advanced ambient sensor for more realistic oven temperature measurements, more substantial stainless-steel construction and a reinforced cable combine to make the new BreadOMETER more reliable, robust and accurate.

Finally, at the heart of ECD BakeWATCH’s offer is the M.O.L.E.® thermal profiler and its accompanying software, which have undergone recent redesigns. The high-performance M.O.L.E. data logger, which seamlessly integrates with CakeOMETER and BreadOMETER, ensures the establishment of optimal oven temperatures, records baked goods’ thermal transformation and provides ongoing confirmation of in-specification oven performance to ensure high-yield outcomes. On a first-come, first-served basis, ECD BakeWATCH booth visitors can preview a new M.O.L.E. design in combination with baking-specific software updates, both of which will be commercially available later this year.

To learn more about CakeOMETER, BreadOMETER and M.O.L.E., visit ECD Baking Industry Page. IBIE attendees who want to pre-schedule an appointment with ECD’s technical team can send an email to:

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