ECD’s product development efforts underscore our commitment to engineering technologies that provide exceptional process control, ease of use, and high-yield, high-quality outcomes across various markets. Among our trusted solutions are market-leading thermal profiling systems, machine quality management tools, award-winning dry storage technologies, and countless accessories to complement our process control products.

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Thermal Profiling

Thermal profiling is the recording of time and temperature throughout a thermal process – most often to measure exposure within an oven. Used in many industries, thermal profiling collects data on a product’s thermal transformation experience, which is then analyzed to optimize complex process settings and conditions to ensure quality results.

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Machine Quality Management

Making sure thermal processes operate within spec encompasses several elements, with one of the most critical being equipment function. Leveraging independent tools – as opposed to equipment supplier systems — to confirm machine performance is the ultimate second opinion.

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Continuous Monitoring

Modern manufacturing demands continuous process oversight and data-informed action to deliver quality, reliability, traceability, and profitability. Where a few key data points were once adequate, today’s complex manufacturing environments require dynamic, customizable supervision of multiple process parameters – all in an open architecture protocol.

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Dry Storage

ECD’s user-friendly, high-performance humidity-controlled storage cabinets provide a safe environment for electronic moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs), 3D printing materials, and a host of other applications where moisture can reduce product quality.

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