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While there is definitely an art to producing delicious baked goods, baking is most assuredly a science underpinned by chemistry, process control and temperature accuracy. As a pioneer in measurement devices for thermal processes, ECD has perfected the science of thermal profiling for baking. We have developed an entire suite of easy-to-use tools that ensures every phase of product transformation is measured, in control, in compliance and of highest quality.

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Thermal Profiling for Baking

Profiling in demanding baking operations — where bakers are constantly pushed to provide longer product shelf-life and produce competitively-priced baked goods — can often sometimes mean the difference between profit and loss. With robust thermal profiling in your arsenal, you have a competitive edge.

Profiling helps deliver:

  • Product Consistency
  • Process Repeatability
  • Optimized Use of Ingredients
  • Improved Yield & Throughput
  • Low Energy Consumption & Cost
  • Increased Bakery Profitability

M.O.L.E.® EV6 Baking

[6-Channels: In-transit thermal profiling]

V-M.O.L.E.™ 2

[4-Channels: Balance Rotating Rack & Deck Ovens]

Thermal Profiling Accessories


[All Baking Processes]

Thermocouple Spreader

[Conveyorized Processes]

Baking Thermal Sensor Instruments


[S-Curve analysis]


[Cake baking consistency]


[Balance tunnel & rotating rack ovens]


[Validate Proofer calibration & performance]

MiniM.O.L.E.™ rH

[Monitor proof box, flour, dough & cooling room conditions]

BakeWATCH™ Thermal Barrier Collection

A thermal barrier is an insulation and a passive heat sink that protects M.O.L.E. thermal profilers from oven heat exposure.


[Breads, buns, pastries]


[Cakes and dense dough]