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Technical Article: Selective Soldering […]

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Selective Soldering: How do You Know if Your Machine is In Spec?


Selective soldering has seen dramatic growth recently, as manufacturers seek alternatives to wave soldering. The selective application of molten solder to targeted components provides many benefits including protection of temperature-sensitive componentry, process optimization and high-reliability solder joints. Using selective soldering methods can also lead to material reduction (solder, flux, nitrogen), eliminate specific tasks (masking, rework, cleaning etc.) and reduce energy consumption (less solder to keep molten than in wave equipment). However, like any process involving people and mechanical systems, selective soldering success depends on many variables.

What You’ll Learn

  • #1 Why selective soldering precision is vital.
  • #2 Importance of verifying selective soldering equipment specifications.
  • #3 How simple, easy-to-use verification tools can confirm accuracy.